About Us

Making slime is one of our favorite pastimes. It all started a few years back when we were looking for a fun activity to do and we came across a recipe online for slime. We have been hooked ever since! We love the way slime feels, how easy it is to make, and how much fun everyone has playing with it.


Here at Go Slime Art, we are passionate about two things: Slime and Kids.


We believe that slime can provide amazing benefits to kids, from increasing focus and creativity to helping with emotional regulation. That’s why we create the highest-quality slime recipes and products, so that every kid can have a great experience with slime.


We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all kids feel welcome and safe to explore their creativity.




Explore. Indulge. Play.


We are a team of slime enthusiasts who love all things slimy, gooey, and gross. We have been making slime for years and have perfected our recipes so that you can enjoy the perfect slime every time. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced slime maker, we have something for everyone. Our slimes are made from safe, non-toxic ingredients and are perfect for kids and adults alike. We hope you will join us on our slime journey!




We’re a team who bonded over our love of slime and DIY projects. We started making slime as a fun way to spend time together, and soon found that we had a knack for it!


We love creating new slime recipes and coming up with fun themes and color combinations. We’re always experimenting with new ingredients and techniques, so you never know what kind of slime you’ll find on our page!




We love making slime because it’s a fun way to get creative and use our imaginations. And we love seeing the joy on kids’ faces when they play with slime. That’s why we created this website: to share our love of slime and help kids create their own slime masterpieces.


We’ve been making it and playing with it for years. 


Our slimes are the best because we take the time to make them perfect. We use only the highest quality ingredients and we test every batch to make sure it’s just right.


We love our slimes and we know you will too!